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The Language Level - What can I do?

Every inlingua programme is based on the Common European Framework (CEF) valid throughout Europe. This covers all language competence levels from beginner to native speaker. 
Clicking on a level provides a precise description of the language competence that you possess at this level.


Level 1 - Understanding and Making Oneself Understood: CEF Level A2

You can ask and answer brief questions in daily business life, are capable of making simple statements and can cope with travel situations. You understand slowly spoken and clearly enunciated speech even on the telephone. You can read simple texts, signs and instructions.

Level 2 - Active Participation: CEF Level B1

In your area of work you represent your company in dealings with international contacts. You communicate in a targeted fashion and are capable of given differentiated statements. You can follow discussions and telephone calls with increasing confidence. You understand standard business correspondence, reports and protocols and can compose simple business texts and results protocols.

Level 3 - Interacting: CEF Level B2

You can convincingly display your technical authority in the foreign language. You are capable of working together with project members in their native language and can spontaneously hold brief presentations. You follow negotiations and presentations and are also confident in understanding technically difficult telephone conversations. You can read and understand demanding newspaper articles, technical journals and business reports.

Level 4 - Oprational Profiency: CEF Level C1

You feel confident in communicating with business partners in their native language and can successfully employ your high level of language competence in all business situations. You follow complicated negotiations at normal language speed and can also discern idiomatic nuances. You can process documents at all levels of business communication. You draft speech manuscripts and reports on complex topics on your own.

Level 5 - Mastery: CEF Level C2

You communicate in the foreign language as naturally as if it were your native language. You have mastered the linguistic nuances and take part in all business situations in a relaxed and active manner. You feel completely confident, even on the telephone. You read and understand every text without problem.

CEF Level C1
Financial EnglishAPP 4 Step 2Legal
Real EstateNegotiation
 APP 4 Step 1
CEF Level B2
BankingHuman ResourcesAPP 3 Step 2Business WritingPresentation
FinanceInterview SkillsCorrespondenceMeetings
 APP 3 Step 1
CEF Level B1
TourismAPP 2 Step 2Telephoning
 APP 2 Step 1
CEF Level A2 | CEF Level A1
 APP 1 Step 2
 APP 1 Step 1
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