The Placement: objective – exact – from the beginning

  • What objectives would you like to achieve with a language training?
  • Which prior knowledge can you build on?
  • How can you most effectively extend your linguistic ‘operating range’?

The inlingua-placement test ensures a precise analysis of your position – so that your language training fits right from the beginning.

No exam: but an established instrument that offers a reliable estimation of your linguistic skills. Irrespective whether you have made only limited experiences with the target language so far or whether you are already quite advanced: the test result gives you orientation.

  • You receive a detailed overview of your current state of knowledge.
  • You find out what you can build upon and which areas you can still strengthen.
  • You save time and money, because you start directly in the right course with the right contents.

Not just placement but a 3-stage test as a solid basis for decision-making

Stage 1: The test

Three areas are tested vocabulary, structures and situational language.

Stage 2: Self-assessment

You decide at which pre-defined levels you are fully or relatively competent, and you determine the situations in which you need improved skills.

Stage 3: Evaluation

First, the test is evaluated automatically. It is then analyzed by a specialist (e.g. considering aspects like error distribution), who decides whether a brief phone call in the target language is necessary for an exact appraisal. You are given the evaluation by email.

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